Secure data exchange

Email encryption

To ensure reliable and secure communication, we use both up-to-date and publicly recognized encryption methods. When you receive confidential data from us, it is therefore always encrypted. Please also never send us confidential data unencrypted by e-mail.

A prerequisite is an up-to-date web browser and a valid e-mail address. With these two basics you can start right away.

Simply use the link Send encrypted e-mail and then follow the next three steps. As soon as you have activated your e-mail address, you can send us encrypted data.

Send encrypted e-mail
Questions and answers

Your email address was automatically activated in the process. To read the encrypted e-mail, you need an activation code. An employee of Sopra Financial Technology GmbH will contact you and provide you with the activation code. Then simply follow the instructions in the e-mail. You can then use the activation code to assign yourself a personal password and read the encrypted e-mail. You can then conveniently view future e-mails on our web portal using this password.

I have received an encrypted email, what should I do?

For encrypted data exchange via our web portal, you need an activated e-mail address. For this purpose, you can simply register on our web portal and activate your e-mail address. You can access the web portal via the following link:
If you want to activate your e-mail address for one of our clients, please take the corresponding web portal of the client listed under point 7 as the entry page.

How can I activate my email address myself?

Yes. If you deposit a personal S/MIME certificate or a personal PGP key for your activated e-mail address, this will be used for encryption in the future. To do this, all you need to do is add the certificate or key to your already activated e-mail address on our web portal:
If you have not yet activated your e-mail address, you can also activate it on the web portal.

Can I deposit a personal certificate or key?

Yes, you will need the public S/MIME certificate or the public PGP key of the Sopra Financial Technology GmbH e-mail address. Download instructions can be found under point 5. If you would like to send an encrypted e-mail to a client, please visit the corresponding client web portal listed under point 7.

Can I send you S/MIME or PGP encrypted emails?

To send us e-mails encrypted with S/MIME or PGP, you need the current S/MIME certificates or PGP keys from Sopra Financial Technology GmbH. You can find these on our web portal:

Where can I find the S/MIME certificates or PGP keys from you?

The current S/MIME certificates or PGP keys of our clients can be found in the respective web portal of the client listed under point 7.

Where can I find your clients’ certificates or keys?

Sopra Financial Technology provides a web portal for the following clients:

Sopra Financial Technology GmbH

Summacom GmbH & Co. KG

Sparda-Bank Augsburg eG

Sparda-Bank Baden-Württemberg eG

Sparda-Bank Hessen eG

Sparda-Bank München eG

Sparda-Bank Nürnberg eG

Sparda-Bank Ostbayern eG

Sparda-Bank West eG

Verband der Sparda-Banken e.V.

What is the Internet address of the portal for a particular client?