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Due to maintenance work at Sparda-Bank Augsburg, the PSD2-XS2A interface will not be available for Sparda-Bank Augsburg on April 18th, 2024 from approx. 19:00.


Find here information on our XS2A API:

PSD2-XS2A Sandbox

Find here information on our XS2A Sandbox:

PSD2–XS2A Fallback

An adapted version (regarding the roles of the TPP) of the online banking serves as XS2A fallback:

– AISP are shown account information, balances and transactions of the payment transaction accounts

– PISP are allowed to perform payments for payment transaction accounts

– Service providers that are AISP/PISP at the same time will be able to see account information (balances, transactions) and perform payments

The following points must also be observed:

– Link: (XXXXXXXX must be replaced by the bank sort code of the respective Sparda Bank)

– As TPP you have to call this address with your eIDAS certificate – otherwise you will be rejected. The access permissions are distributed on the basis of the certificate.

– In addition to entering the customer credentials, a strong customer authentication is required for the first login and at the latest every 90 days, which can only be performed in the presence of the customer.


The FinTS interface is still be available. Please note, that it has been adapted to PSD2. In the future, it will therefore be necessary to perform a SCA as soon as the customer has payment transaction accounts (this must be repeated every 90 days at the latest).

To call the FinTS interface, we simply ask you to supply the FinTS product registration number (DK number). Certificates are currently not supported. A blockade by IPs is not planned for the time being.

TAN procedures

The following TAN procedures are technically possible via the offered interfaces (depending on the bank, further restrictions may apply):





Please direct support requests to [email protected].
Our support team is available:
Monday to thursday   from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
And friday                  from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm
These support hours correspond to the current support times for Online-Banking and SpardaApp.
Email template for support requests
For support requests please attach following form to your email:
Environment: Sandbox/Produktion
Keyword: XS2A
X-Request-ID:  (if applicable)
Timestamp:  (formated as YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss±hh:mm following ISO 8601 // see:

The Sandbox is available during our support times. Outside our support times we offer only a limited service. In case of maintenance work within the support times we will inform you early. Please send an email to our support, if you want to be informed about downtimes.