#SFT Insights

Launch of corporate start-ups

Apr 21, 2023
Sopra Financial Technology

In the first quarter of 2023, Sopra Financial Technology laid important foundations for the future. In close consultation with our management Tobias Unger and Christian Pfeiffer, three start-ups were founded within SFT.

The three start-ups will focus on following topics:

BauFi service app

An all-in-one construction financing app. By digitizing relevant documents and making them available via app, the manual (paper) processes of banks are significantly reduced to a minimum.

Investment management suite 

The E2E-compliant advisory platform supports the (investment) sales process of banks and provides an excellent and comfortable customer and advisor experience. 

Embedded finance platform (API marketplace) 

An API platform that provides payment and financial services processes. The platform provides one-stop-shop for any company that needs an embedded finance solution.

The SFT team has profound experience and expertise in all three areas.

At the beginning of April, we set the course for the future at an offsite. After keynote speeches from our management, members of our corporate start-ups prepared the next steps. 
In addition to in-depth sessions on agility, entrepreneurship, key results and goals in a creative atmosphere and practical approaches in the form of pitches and a program outline, team building was not neglected. 

This is how we shape our future together – full of inspiration and motivation.