Document Management

For more productivity, audit security and customer satisfaction


#1 Solution

for holistic document management

Archive documents securely and in a structured manner

Edit documents in a process-oriented and -controlled manner

Create individual or standardized documents manually or automatically and distribute them via different channels

  • Archive

  • Digital Inbox

  • Workflow

  • Document creation

Central electronic archive for

• Digital and audit-proof storage and management of documents

• Support for daily work through intelligent document recognition and automated storage in the digital file

• Archiving of all formats, emails or files

    For central control of all incoming mail

    • Connection of different channels (scan, email, digital documents)

    • All documents and information are distributed within the company according to defined rules and made available to the responsible persons

      • Distribution of documents/orders via pull and/or push (inbox processing)

      • Skill-based routing and priority control of orders

      • Workflow for processing documents – e.g. invoice processing

      • Communication from the system with customers or other employees

      • Extraction of data for further processing – connection to other systems e.g. accounting systems

      • Reporting and KPI overviews

        • Creation of individual and automated correspondences

        • Accessible or archivable PDF documents – individual formats possible when generating the document

        • Individual control of the optimal communication channel for customers and contact persons – print or digital

        • Dynamic template management stored centrally and versioned:
        – (Standardized) text modules
        – Variables that can be filled with data
        – Control instructions, authorizations and
        – Many other functions that generate dynamic output