Baufi Service App

For more comfort and reduced lead times


Due to mandatory requirements, increasing competition and a decreasing amount of construction financing agreements

The pressure on banks to reduce process and IT costs is increasing

With the “Baufi Service App” we offer a solution for the digitalization of subprocesses. For more customer comfort and reduced lead time. Significant cost savings included!

What our App offers

  • added values for customers

  • added values for banks

• Construction financing bills can be photographed and sent to the bank

• Payout schedule and distribution installments are completely transparent

• The status of the credit inspection is traceable

• No time loss because of real-time information via push notifications

• Informed at all times thanks to dialog function for coordination with the bank

    • Increased process efficiency and reduced lead time

    • Measurable cost savings

    • More sustainability by reducing physical documents

    • Pre-filled backend-systems because of OCR-technology

    • Proximity to the customer